Cropped Capri Pant for womens in fitness skate or city fashion. Start out by alternating jumping for one minute and resting for one minute. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your heart rate zooms after so short a time. Work up to two minutes of jumping with one minute of rest and then three minutes of jumping with one minute of rest. Even many pros don’t jump rope for more than 10 minutes per session.

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Be a Good Skate. Skating can be excellent for toning the legs, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, and burning calories—provided that you become skilled enough to skate quickly, fluidly, and aggressively.

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If you thought the four-wheeled skates you strapped to your shoes as a kid were fun, you’ll love the freedom that in-line skating provides. This new sport is based on a design in which four wheels are lined up one after another, which makes them easier to use and more maneuverable than old-time skates. First marketed in 1980, in-line skates have all but supplanted traditional roller skates. In-line skates have one row of wheels in a line (hence the name in-line skates).

Go fast, feel balanced, and get a workout while rolling along on a recreation path, in the park, or in a big empty parking lot. Today’s skates are designed for comfort, balance, and ease of use. Made with high performance materials, they provide support and are breathable to keep your feet cool. Skating works your quads, thighs, and glutes, among other muscles. Experts note that you can burn about 400 calories an hour by skating at a rather leisurely pace.

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Smooth recreation path

If you want to try skating, many bike and outdoor stores rent skates by the hour or by the day. Wrist sprains and fractures are among the most common skating injuries. It is important to wear a helmet, wristguards or special gloves, and kneepads and elbow pads when you are in-line skating. When you’re just starting out, your feet might get tired within an hour, so don’t have expectations of skating all day. A good place to try skating is on a smooth recreation path that is relatively flat or in a big parking lot without cars and traffic.

There are brakes on the back of skates to help you slow down or stop. As you improve, you will find that you can maneuver up and down gentle grades, skate backward, and make quick turns. Rollerblade, the company that developed in-line skating, has divided the sport into three skill levels and even offers moderately priced classes and workshops in a program called Bladeschool