Elastic Waist Pant. Lovers + Friends, L’Academie fashion joggers. In general, the fusion of womens sportswear, workwear and street wear develops to a greater extent when the functional, comfortable and practical are demanded in both everyday and high-end fashion. This demand corresponds to a flexible, extremely mobile lifestyle.

Elastic Waist Pant, Fashion Joggers, Lovers + Friends, L’Academie

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Elastic Pant in Brown

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Elastic Pant in Tan

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Evelina Pant in Tan

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

Cropped Lovers + Friends Everton Capri Pant in Fuchsia

Cropped Lovers + Friends
Lipstick Pink

The camouflage pattern of military battledress developed into a fashionable pattern, whereby the original purpose of camouflage during military deployment became its opposite as a fashionable pattern in a civilian environment in other words it was a means to be noticed. Camouflage became suitable for the streets.

By means of social application, camouflage clothing items developed into fashion by progressing from an antiestablishment signal via careful carelessness to the eroticism of power.

Elastic Waist Pant, Womens Fashion Sportswear, Joggers

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Georgie Pant in Cream

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

Lovers + Friends Grace Drawstring Pant in Pink

High Waisted Lovers + Friends
Baby Pink

Lovers + Friends Haley in Pink

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

Lovers + Friends Inca in Grey

High Waisted Lovers + Friends
Ash Grey

Workmen’s increasing self-confidence was also documented by their clothing in the nineteenth century; outside of working hours, they strove for a bourgeois appearance. Even to the present day, workmen—and not only they—have old, used jeans for work and new, going-out jeans in up-to-date, fashionable styles.

The declared aims of intelligent clothing are to maximise function and performance or where appropriate to offer functions largely independent of the user and his surroundings. An integrated navigation system should not require input of the user’s present location, but should ascertain this independently and then lead the user to his chosen destination, paying attention to weather conditions and personal preferences.

L'Academie Levi in Light Grey

High Waisted L’Academie

L'Academie The Natalene in Green

High Waisted L’Academie
Multi Watercolor

High Waisted L'Academie Pajama in Brown

High Waisted L’Academie

High Waisted L'Academie Tie Hem in Brown

High Waisted L’Academie

The range of use for Know Where solutions is almost unlimited, ranging from sport and leisure time uses (e.g. mountain climbing, mountain biking, sailing) to work and protective clothing and finally security and medical technology.

In a similar way to brand clothing, in the future the wearing of electronic fashion could become a means of distinction. At first (in the initial phase of acceptance) the attraction would be wearing an intelligent outfit, such as an audio jacket with integrated headphones in the hood and a control panel on the sleeve. But it would be pointless to be the only person wearing this electronic fashion, since the aim is to exchange data with others.