Womens Joggers with drawstring closure. Sanctuary side slant pockets. Rear faux pockets. Sportswear represents a global feeling of life. People in jogging pants run through the English Garden in Munich and Central Park in New York or across the Square of Heavenly Peace in Beijing. Elastic Waistband Joggers

Fashion beyond the beautiful is the aesthetically ugly or an aesthetic anarchy, which finds acceptance in subcultural fashions like punk and goth. Here, the vestimentary focus is on freedom from the mainstream and self-realisation of design. In fine art, the classical is a revaluation of the ideal of beauty in antiquity now anchored in our cultural memory.

Elastic Waistband Womens Jogger, Cargo Superdown

Elastic Waistband Sanctuary Peace Jogger in Pink,Green

Lotus & Organic Green Airbrush

Cropped Sanctuary Squad Crop in Green

Cropped Sanctuary

Sanctuary Squad Crop in White


SER.O.YA Ida in Cream


Avant-garde should be understood not only as a stylistic concept, like that of Italian futurism or Russian constructivism, but in this context as a supratemporal theoretical concept. The avant-garde suggests a temporal positioning beyond one’s own present, which includes the possibility of influencing the present in order to prepare the future. Indeed, the avant-garde is not temporal, but an ideal positioning of aesthetic experiments developed from the present. The attractiveness of the avant-garde lies in the fact that it presents the possibility and framework to permit interruptions in everyday awareness, to make radical demands, and to promote social visions.

SER.O.YA Ida in Olive


SER.O.YA Ida in Tan


Sanctuary Peace  in Mauve

Modern Beige & White Tie Dye

Sanctuary Peace in Nude

Barely Leopard

In April 1981, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo, working for Comme des Garçons, showed their collections together for the first time in Paris. Little note was taken of this small show in the Hotel Intercontinental. Their intention was to gain more attention in Japan and the USA, which could be achieved at the time only with a presence in Paris, by maintaining that they had already shown in Paris.

It took the journalists’ breath away but their voices even more so: most daily papers and international fashion journals refused to comment on their textile impertinences.

superdown Dallas  in Blue


Cargo superdown Kayla Camo  Pant in Tan

Cargo superdown
Tan Camo

superdown Missy Jogger Pant in Red


Cargo superdown Seleste Drawstring Pant in Metallic Neutral

Cargo Superdown

Fashion has proved itself an extremely successful cultural melting pot. In fashion design there is talk of sampling, redesigning or mapping the world. In this context, the global design is oriented on local traditions; it assimilates everything whether Romanian peasant blouse, Mongolian waistcoat, Japanese labourer’s pants or Hawaiian shirt and puts it together in a new way to create a new whole that is available across the globe.

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Cream, Tan, Tie Dye

Lovers + Friends Rincon Pant in Baby Blue

Lovers + Friends
Sky Blue Tie Dye

Lovers + Friends Rincon Pant in Grey

Lovers + Friends
Heather Grey

Lovers + Friends Rincon Pant in Ivory

Lovers + Friends

LoveShackFancy Blex Pant in Blue

Washed Denim

Helmut Lang gave dresses and tops with a simple cut something special by means of structuring elements. He underlay a transparent white top with an asymmetrically arranged, coloured bandeau or with an arbitrarily placed narrow ribbon, or he made the seams visible through the delicate fabric.

These are minimal details that are not necessarily visible at first glance but give the item of clothing a new kind of ornamental effect. Here, the ornamental is to be understood not as a forceful pattern but as structure and division. As such, the variation is a creative act.

Here, the vestimentary focus is on freedom from the mainstream and self-realisation of design. In fine art, the classical is a revaluation of the ideal of beauty in antiquity now anchored in our cultural memory.

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Mariposa Pant in Grey

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Mariposa Pant in Ivory

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Melanie Pant in Cream

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

High Waisted Lovers + Friends Raven Pant in Neutral

High Waisted Lovers + Friends

A woman in her mid thirties travelling on the underground is wearing a polar fleece outdoor jacket of the brand ‘active’, jogging shoes and a headband, and she is carrying a shopping bag. The body in the sporty outfit is not particularly sporty rather, it is the opposite. One asks oneself: is the outfit a sham package? Her sportswear outfit makes it clear that her only concern is comfortable clothing.

If the argument is continued, it becomes clear that today sport adopts the role that fashion should take, defining lifestyle and clothes. In the twentieth century, sport became a symbol of societal change and social status. Athletes now become stars; sportswear mirrors the zeitgeist.