High Waist Jogger, Womens Sweatpants in Pink, Beige, Tan, Cream. Bicycling not only is great exercise, it also is a lot of fun. You don’t get the joint impact of jogging or aerobics, and pedaling in the fresh air is invigorating and refreshing. You can turn it into excellent conditioning by adding hills or riding fast. Cycling is excellent aerobic conditioning and also strengthens the legs, especially the quadriceps.

High Waist Jogger, Womens Sweatpants, in Pink, Beige, Tan, Bicycling is great exercise

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♦ Commuting. You can use your bicycle as an environmentally sound commuting vehicle to get to work, to go to the store, to visit a friend, or to get to the gym. A mountain bike is good for negotiating uneven pavement and potholes, but some commuters prefer a specially designed city or street bicycle.

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♦ Mountain-biking. Developed more than two decades ago on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County north of San Francisco, mountain-biking rapidly escalated from an oddity to a mainstream sport. The term has been extended to include any type of offroad cycling from unpaved roads to gonzo downhills and grinding uphills that revs up the heart rate, gets the lungs pumping, and gets the leg muscles working overtime.

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♦ Family cycling. Cycling is a family activity that everyone can do on one level or another, and there are several ways to include small children. You can use your bicycle to tow a toddler or two in a sturdy Burley trailer, which features a top and side panels and a zip-up screen or plastic “windshield.” You can use hook it onto an adult bicycle and tow a toddler or two behind you as you ride. Another option for preschoolers is a durable child’s bicycle seat that mounts behind the saddle of your bike.

Children old enough to “help” pedal can ride a bike extender, which consists of a wheel, pedals, and handlebars, that attaches to the back of your bicycle. However your youngster cycles with you, make sure he or she wears a helmet and set a good example by wearing one, too.