Rib knit wide leg trouser, knit high haisted orange Camila Coelho pants, joggers. Slow jogging. If you drastically reduce your calorie intake, you’ll lose weight. But, as many people know too well, maintaining the lighter weight can be much more challenging than dieting itself. Extreme diets, in particular those excluding whole food groups, will inevitably make you lose muscle tissue and slow your basal metabolism.

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Slow jogging

The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns even when you’re not working out, so even if you’re not interested in looking like a body builder, muscle loss is something you definitely want to avoid.

Frustrating as it is, not only post-diet overeating, but even simply returning to your pre-diet eating habits, especially if you lost muscle tissue, will guarantee weight regain and maybe even some extra new pounds.

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Those irritating side effects of dieting are avoidable if you combine a reasonable calorie restriction with easy exercise, such as slow jogging. The key to success is to keep exercising, even after you achieve your weight goal. Eat normally but choose smaller portions on days when you can’t work out. That’s pretty much enough to keep you yo-yo-free forever!

Even 2.5 miles of slow jogging every day adds another 300 calories to your deficit, meaning that now you’re burning an extra 900 calories a day (600 from your food intake and 300 from slow jogging), and will lose a pound in just four days.

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Of course, adding slow jogging to your plan isn’t only about burning more calories. It will also stop your metabolism from slowing down, which very often becomes a reason of rapid weight gain after achieving your target. And because the 300 calories from slow jogging can be accumulated during the whole day, even those with a busy schedule should be able to do it.

Eating Habits

While there are numerous detailed menu plans available on the market, thinking of some manageable changes in your current eating habits is probably a better place to start. Depending on your lifestyle and diet targets, there may be various ways to achieve your goal, but a golden rule we recommend to every beginner is to reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrates and fat while increasing the amount of protein. This can be done primarily with some easy changes in the products you use and how you cook.

For example, if you’re addicted to fast-food hamburgers, try tricking your brain by eating a sub, but one that is filled with lean meats instead. If you can’t imagine your life without starches, choose grains, potatoes, and everything whole-wheat rather than white bread. Prepare your meals by grilling, boiling, or steaming instead of frying.

Use dressing based on vinegar, soy sauce, or lemon instead of artificial ones full of fat and sugar. The list can go on and on. We also encourage you to do your own research. First-hand experience will teach you more than theory.