Terry Henley Sweatpant, Joggers, Slow jogging. When deciding on a weight-loss program, focus on your lifestyle and what’s doable for you. You’ll need to make changes that will work for months or years, rather than days or weeks.
Equally important, you’ll need to make changes that won’t stop you from enjoying life. We all have our habits and small pleasures that we won’t be able to give up on permanently. For many Japanese, that means a late-night meal washed down with beer, as a way to relax and provide a mental boost after a long, stressful work day.

Terry Henley Sweatpant, Joggers, Slow jogging

DONNI. Terry Henley Sweatpant in Baby Blue

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We’ve all been there: It’s the morning after a dinner party, you get on the scale and see that you’ve put on several pounds, and you start panicking. This frequent scenario can easily discourage impatient dieters.

Relax! To really put on three pounds of fat, you would need to consume more than 10,000 extra calories. Considering that we consume on average 2,000 to 3,000 calories daily, taking in 10,000 is almost impossible. The sudden weight increase following a dinner party is mostly due to water retention, which is temporary.

Instead of thinking in terms of every meal, it’s more realistic to count total calories in one day or even a couple of days. The same applies to what you see on the scale what matters is the pattern over time, not any one isolated reading. Again, enjoy your new lifestyle so that you’re able to continue it for a long time.

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As with most kinds of physical activity, running is easier if you warm up a bit beforehand. Slow jogging is a very gentle form of exercise, so it’s enough to stretch the main muscles in your legs, start walking, and proceed to jogging. If you are planning on a more intense training, slow jogging itself is a great warm-up.

The risk of injuries is greater when you run fast or long distances. Listen to both your body and your common sense. When you do run a longer distance, divide it in smaller parts and break your run down. For beginners, that would mean sections of ten minutes; for veterans, around thirty minutes. Complete beginners can alternate one minute of jogging and thirty seconds of walking.