Womens knit joggers, Velour Pants for slow jogging. To put it simply, slow jogging is perfect in terms of post-exercise effects, including providing a sense of well-being, calm, anxiety, and pain reduction. This also explains the “runner’s high,” the famous sensation of euphoria of long-distance runners, which has been described as a feeling of being invincible, a reduced state of discomfort or pain, and even a loss in sense of time while running.

Knit Joggers, Velour Pants, Slow jogging

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There are various reasons to pick up an exercise habit. When we are young, we usually just want to look fit and make new friends at the gym or jogging path. Later, often in our thirties, we discover that simple daily activities are not always that simple anymore.

Running out of breath while climbing the stairs or following our children around the playground often becomes a motivation to get ahold of ourselves. Another ten years down the road it’s not just the looks and general fitness anymore. We start having various health issues, and we spend more and more time and money on treatments.

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Faced with the plague of diseases of affluence, in 1989 the Japanese Health Ministry started to officially encourage physical activity at niko niko pace. In 1995, the American College of Sports Medicine also confirmed the effectiveness of light physical activity. Studies in Japan and America continued providing more and more proof for its efficiency in preventing diseases and improving health.

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The second big wave of the slow jogging boom came in the fall of 2015. Japanese Empress Michiko appeared on national TV on the day of her eighty-first birthday and explained that she jogs every day to stay in good health. The video featuring Emperor Akihito’s and Empress Michiko’s slow jogging session appeared on all the main TV stations. Within days there was a visible increase in elderly slow joggers on streets all around the country.

Several decades ago we decided to focus our studies on individually adjusted optimal exercise intensity. It gradually became clear that thirty minutes a day of physical activity light enough to be done with a smile can make miracles happen. Looking for a method that complies with these criteria led to the beginnings of our niko niko pace theory and slow jogging.

The method, which is based on niko niko pace, was first recommended to Japanese people as early as in 1977, when exercise was associated with competition, sweat, and tears, not pleasure and fun. Let’s now take a look at how slow jogging can help prevent and treat various medical conditions.