Organic Terry Sweatpant, Slow jogging. Agolde Balloon pants. What kind of exercise can prevent or slow decrease in hippocampus volume? In one study, sixty- and seventy-year-olds were divided into two groups: Brisk walking and stretching. After six months of one hour of the given exercise three times a week, the hippocampus volume for those in the walking group increased, physiologically rejuvenating the subjects.

In the stretching group, no changes were observed, suggesting that aerobic exercise is the most beneficial type for brain health.

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Most of the health problems described here are directly or indirectly related to obesity. It’s not only a problem of aesthetics, but is also a huge factor in most serious diseases. A big project conducted over twenty years in the United States, Australia, and Sweden showed that serious obesity dramatically shortens life—on average, by six-and-a-half years for BMI over 40 and by fourteen years for BMI 55 or higher.

Unfortunately, US health officials reported in late 2015 that, despite all the attention given the issue, the percentage of obese Americans has continued to increase.

Weight Loss with Slow Jogging

Weight loss is among the top reasons to exercise. Unless you’re one of the rare few who are naturally skinny well into adulthood, you’ve probably tried various diets or exercise regimes in the hope of slimming down.

Although we often know what to do in theory to stay in shape, in practice it’s not all that simple. Adding to the challenge is that it’s easy to believe in the new methods, techniques and machines endlessly touted as making weight loss easier, from vibrating belts to sports games such as WiiFit.

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But despite what purveyors of weight-loss “miracles” would like you like to believe, changes in body weight occur in a very simple way: It’s all about the balance of calories consumed versus calories expended. Negative balance results in losing weight, whereas positive balance means gaining weight.

Remember, you can jog just a bit at a time, a couple times a day, whenever you have time. For example, if you jog at three miles per hour, fifty minutes a day, in segments of whatever short length, will give you a total distance of 2.5 miles. This is a great way to get to your daily target when your schedule is extraordinarily busy.

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But your perfect body shape is not just the number on the scale, but also body proportions. For most of us, the waist is the most problematic area; that’s where vicious fat accumulates first and often to the greatest extent. Good news: With slow jogging, waist fat is easier to get rid of than you’d think. Looking at average changes in waistline and body weight, every pound lost with slow jogging results in almost one inch less around the waist.